Service - Rotor Blade RetroFits


Suspendem offers a number of rotor blade retrofits to increase annual energy production (AEP) and extend the lifetime of rotor blades. Suspendem is proud to be Canada’s exclusive installer of the popular vortex generator solution developed by Upwind Solution/SmartBlade/3M.  This solution can increase AEP by 1-3% with a very short return on investment.  For more information, please download this e-book and contact Suspendem to discuss how we can help you increase the AEP of your assets.

In addition to to vortex generators, Suspendem also provides the following retrofits:

  • Leading Edge Protection (LEP) can significantly increase AEP.  Suspendem works closely with 3M and other suppliers to find the solution that is best for each customer (considering location, environmental conditions, blade/turbine type, budget, objectives, etc).
  • Dinoshell application
  • Spoiler application/removal
  • Custom work

Contact us to discuss how we can help you increase your AEP.