Service - Rotor Blade Inspection


Suspendem has inspected thousands of rotor blades from a variety of manufacturers, blade and material types.  We provide rotor blade inspection services including:

  • From-the-ground camera inspections
  • Internal inspections with confined space trained personnel and appropriate equipment
  • External visual and exploratory (with grinding) inspections
  • Lightning protection system inspection


At the end of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty period owners and OEM’s often perform end of warranty (EOW) inspections. Suspendem has done hundreds of EOW inspections which provide rich data for customers to negotiate EOW repair projects. Whether you are an OEM or owner, Suspendem provides un-biased, high quality EOW inspections that can save significant maintenance costs.

EOW blade inspections can be completed via camera, interior, exterior inspection or any combination of these methods. Contact us today to discuss your EOW project.


At Suspendem, we recognize that our customers want access to high-quality inspection information in a timely fashion. Suspendem has developed a proprietary Rapid Reporting System which standardizes our inspection procedure, reduces reporting time and increases quality.

This system ensures that each inspection is performed using the same high-quality inspection procedure. With the Rapid Reporting System, we can produce a full inspection report (i.e. internal, external and LPS for 3 blades, 50-100 pages) in 12-36hrs. In addition, we provide all raw photos and an editable database of all defects found in a wind park. This aggregate data greatly improves budgeting and project planning capacity


Suspendem’s Preventative Blade Maintenance Program includes annual inspection, repair and forecasting services. Customers receive the following benefits:

  • Risk Management – having piece of mind that you understand the state of your blades and have a maintenance plan
  • Cost Forecasting: Suspendem classifies all defects by severity and works with the customers to create a customized blade maintenance program
  • Preferable Pricing: Suspendem offers preferable pricing for multi-year contracts

Suspendem offers preventative blade maintenance solutions for all budgets.

Contact us to discuss your inspection needs.