Our Services

Suspendem performs specialized inspection, repair and maintenance services for the wind energy industry.

Suspendem offers integrated, cost-effective blade services including: camera, on-ground, rope access and
suspended platform.  We provide high quality service and rapid reporting with quick mobilization.


Suspendem offers one of Canada’s most experienced teams of blade service technicians. Our blade service crews are experienced with a variety of blade and material types.  In consultation with our customer, we select the most efficient access method for the repair. Cosmetic and minor-structural repairs can often be performed by our highly trained rope access blade service technicians. Larger, structural repairs will call for a single-stage or 360 suspended platform. With our experience and integrated service solutions we have a winning strategy for your project.

Rotor blade retrofit

Suspendem offers a number of rotor blade retrofits to increase annual energy production (AEP) and extend the lifetime of rotor blades. <Suspendem is proud to be Canada’s exclusive installer of the popular vortex generator solution developed by Upwind Solution/SmartBlade/3M.


Suspendem has inspected thousands of rotor blades from a variety of manufacturers, blade and material types.  We provide rotor blade inspection services including: from-the-ground camera inspections, internal inspections with confined space trained personnel and appropriate equipment, external visual and exploratory (with grinding) inspections, lightning protection system inspection.

Turbine maintenance

Suspendem offers preventative and reactive maintenance services. Often we combine minor maintenance services (e.g. bolt torquing, retrofits, tower painting, tower cleaning, etc…) with our blade services.

Contact us for specialized maintenance services.