The pillars of a sustainable business include a balance of environmental, social and economic agendas.  Suspendem works hard to develop in a sustainable manner with particular importance placed on community development.

  • Suspendem allocates approximately 1% of annual profit to charitable or non-profit organizations that better our communities
  • Suspendem values supporting local suppliers for equipment, consumables and sub-contracts
  • Suspendem encourages local employment by hiring and training local workers.  In addition, providing advancement and training opportunities to local technicians has resulted in staff retention, skill development and long-term employment.  This is win-win-win, for Suspendem to have a skilled workforce, for the employee to have a good job and for the community to have social and economic spin off.
  • Suspendem often hires graduates of a local college as well as offering instructors for the Wind Turbine Maintenance program offered by our partner Groupe Collegia
  • Suspendem’s head offices are located at the Douglastown Community Centre.  This provides a positive, healthy work environment for Suspendem staff as well as consistent revenue for the Community Centre
  • Suspendem encourages employees to contribute to building sustainable communities through a wide variety of personal initiatives

These efforts to build a sustainable business through environmental, social and economic efforts  are important to Suspendem and to our communities.  We look forward to growing these initiatives as the business develops.