Suspendem includes EHS as a fundamental priority in all of our activities.  Each job is assessed for environmental, health and safety issues.  If EHS concerns are identified, a thorough analysis is followed by mitigation, controls or altering the job scope.  Suspendem works closely with customers to ensure that EHS is a first on all projects.

Before each job Suspendem:

  •  Assesses potential environmental impacts and implements a plan to address any issues
  • Performs a written risk assessment that is reviewed with the customer, our employees, and associated personnel
  • Ensures all staff have appropriate, current training.  Depending upon the job scope, Suspendem staff are trained in: Safe Access & Rescue for Wind, Rope Access (SPRAT/IRATA), Confined Space Awareness for Wind, First Aid / CPR, Lock Out – Tag out (LOTO), Materials Handling Safety, Fire Awareness, Suspended platform use, blade inspection & repair and other job specific training.
  • Ensures all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is inspected, in good working order and appropriate for the job being performed
  • Reviews work procedures with customer, staff and associated personnel
  • Ensures MSDS are reviewed and available for customers, staff and associated personnel
  • Provides additional job-specific EHS precautions, procedures and permits depending upon the scope of the job

Suspendem teams perform the following on a daily basis:

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Acquires appropriate permits: work at height, hot-work, confined space etc.
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Authorized PPE and materials inspections

Depending upon the job scope, during and after the job Suspendem:

  • Audits team leaders and technicians, providing a written assessment for continuous improvement
  • Holds safety practices for confined space, first aid and safe access & rescue to ensure staff are up-to-date
  • Holds punctual training to update, increase and maintain quality
  • Solicits feedback from team leaders and technicians for continuous improvement
  • Solicits feedback from customers (corporate & field-based) for continuous improvement

Suspendem has been accepted as a qualified supplier for major OEM’s in Canada.  We are also a part of ISNetworld (a contractor pre-qualifying service).  In addition to ensuring that our HSE plan and policies are compliant and up-to-date, Suspendem invests in regular training, practice sessions and employee audits.  This culture of quality and safety is an important part of Suspendem.