About Us


After several years of working in Canada’s wind power industry as mechanical technicians, project leaders and rope access supervisors, the founders of Suspendem recognized a need for experienced wind technicians providing up-tower maintenance solutions…..and Suspendem was born. Suspendem quickly developed a highly skilled workforce combining expertise in turbine maintenance with blade services and rope/platform access.

This formula has resulted in:
• Suspendem growing to having up to 50 technicians with 6 management/administrative positions
• An in-house blade service team able to perform inspection & repairs both up and down-tower on a wide variety of blade types
• Recognition as one of Canada’s leading service providers for blade service and up-tower maintenance
• Becoming a qualified service provider for most OEMs in Canada’s wind energy industry
• Hundreds of successful projects being completed across Canada and internationally
• A reputation for high-quality, flexible service with a focus on safety and professionalism
• Winning the “Rising Star” award by Quebec’s wind energy industry

Suspendem recognizes that development requires quality control, sustainable practices and forward planning. We have built an industry leading training program for technicians certified as Tech 1-3 in: Blade Services, Rope & Platform Access and Mechanical Maintenance. By combining internal training with on-the-job apprenticeship and industry recognized certifications, our technicians have the necessary background. Suspendem believes that investing in our technicians is beneficial for our staff retention, quality services and our communities. Please see our sustainability statement for more information.


Shaun Stanley

Director of Operations:
Rope Access, EHS & Training

Shaun is a SPRAT level 3 Rope Access Supervisor, experienced wind turbine technician and technical rescue trainer.  Using this specialized skill-set, Shaun manages complex projects for Suspendem.  Shaun is one of eastern Canada’s most experienced fall protection and rescue trainers, as well as HSE consultant for the wind power industry.  Shaun manages rope access projects, manages HSE and runs Suspendem’s training program.

Danny Lapierre

Director of Operations:
Blade Services & platform

Danny has over a decade of experience in the wind power industry as a technician in: blade inspection and repair, wind turbine maintenance, rope and platform access. Combining his technical expertise in composites and maintenance with his SPRAT level 3 Rope Access Supervisor certification, gives Danny the background to supervise the most complex wind turbine maintenance jobs (either in the turbine or hanging from a rope). Danny manages composite, platform and rope access projects for Suspendem

Bill Talbot

Managing Director

Bill is Suspendem’s Managing Director handling business development, strategy, key accounts and promotion. He is a fall protection and confined space rescue trainer with a SPRAT level 2 lead technician certification. Bill combines his hands-on technical experience with a master’s degree in administration and previous management experience to help Suspendem exceed the needs of customers.

Key Personnel

Technicians & Adminsistrative

Suspendem looks for amazing people to become part of our team.  We believe that hiring responsible, motivated and professional technicians is a critical part of our business. With training and prior experience, our technicians are classified as Level 1, 2 or 3 in Blade Services; Rope Access; Platform Access and Turbine Maintenance.  We have many technicians with significant experience and training in each of these domains.  A mentoring program ensures that new technicians are supervised while working and developing experience.  Our highly skilled administrative teams works hard to support our field teams.

We are proud of our high staff retention rate.  This is a reflection of commitment of our technicians to Suspendem and vice versa.

If you are interested in EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES with Suspendem please click here.